Tweets of the Week

Tweets of the Week

Tweets of the Week

Jokes of the day @jokesofthedaydn…I’ve been saying “mucho” to my Spanish friend way more often lately. It means a lot to him.

Someweirdpointlessgirl @minkpinkustink…There is nothing quite like being trapped inside a mask with whatever you had for lunch.

Just Bill @WilliamAder…Making pizza rolls because it’s been a while since I burned my mouth.

That one chicc from the internet @PrisonCookies…The last man I was obsessed with was the ice cream man.

Eternal Samnation @portmanteauface…For the sake of the economy, I’m glad restaurants and bars are reopening. But we normalized drinking alone and you will not take that away from me.

Art, from Online @milkeggsbread…Being on lockdown means never having to wear pants or say you’re sorry.


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