This saved my SANITY!

This saved my SANITY!

This saved my SANITY!

So my life during the COVID-19 quarantine has beed all over the place. At first I was really sad that all my plans we canceled and that I would be able to see my friends or spend birthdays with my family. I wouldn’t be able to go to the gym in a wile and that meant all my progress for my kickstart was for nothing. All of the relationships and friendships that I was just starting to build here were at an absolute halt and it really started messing with me. I was feeling down, I wasn’t being productive at all, I was answering calls less and less and I just because completely isolated. Now in times like this we are supposed to isolate but that doesn’t mean that we need to isolate.

After the first week my apartment was a mess, I had done the bare min at work, I didn’t leave either my bed or my couch and I ate ALL THE FOOD!!! Pizza rolls, ice cream bars, chocolate, and anything I could get my hands on. It was BAD! I can’t thank my girl Erin from Elite Edge enough for inspiring me to get off my ass hahah She started a 100 challenge where you do over the course of the day 100 pushups, sit-ups, and squats. At first I was like ummm NO. But when you break it down to 10 an hour over the day it really wasn’t that bad. I started switching up squats for kick backs or planks instead of pushups, but at the end of every day I had succeeded at 300! I was motivated and proud.

This led me to realize that I was a slob and my house needed to be a depression free zone. I took on cleaning my place room by room daily. I started meal prepping properly again, I even picked up the color pencils and sketch book my dad sent to me with my back up TP, and started drawing again. It was really important to remember that even though I no longer had my normal routine, I would need to create one that slowly became the new normal, and I am telling you that it saved my sanity!

I cannot stress this enough, in times of isolation, please still talk to your friends and family. Make time for them and make time for YOU! Look at what was your routine and adjust it to what IS your routine now. Just like High School Musical, we are all in this together and with support and a little creativity we will come out okay!  Enjoy your new norm and I will chat again real soon!! Byyeeee!

xx Kennedy


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