‘The Crown’ Season 3 Trailer is Here. Let’s Break it Down

‘The Crown’ Season 3 Trailer is Here. Let’s Break it Down

‘The Crown’ Season 3 Trailer is Here. Let’s Break it Down

The time’s are a-changing!

The widely-acclaimed Netflix original series ‘The Crown’ has just released a full trailer for Season 3, and I can barely contain my excitement. As an avid fan and rapid binger of the first two seasons, I’ve already watched this trailer approximately ten times. So let’s break it down and dissect what we’ll be seeing when the Season 3 comes out on November 17th.

The new season will take place 25 years after Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, spanning roughly from the years 1964-1976. And thus, we will see the same characters, but older. Just not the same actors.

Fans of Claire Foy, Vanessa Kirby, and Matt Smith, will surely miss their impeccable portrayals of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, and Prince Phillip from the first two seasons…but the time’s are a-changin. The ‘characters’, respectively, will be replaced by Olivia Coleman (The Favorite), Helena Bonham-Carter, and Tobias Menzies.

As we can see from the hauntingly beautiful trailer, we’ll also see an older and visibly anguished Prince Charles (the Queen’s eldest son and heir to the throne) taking center stage with a sure-to-be-tumultuous storyline of his own. The big question regarding Charles is: When will Princess Diana enter the series? According to casting director Nina Gold, the answer is: not until Season 4 (already can’t wait). This season will focus more on Charles’ family conflicts and relationship with Camilla (Prince Charles’ real-life, current wife). The actor, Josh O’Connor, also looks scarily similar to the actual Prince Charles in his younger years.

It’s also clear from the trailer that we can expect to see rising tensions between Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret. Tensions that had clearly already been rising in the duration of the first and second seasons because of Margaret’s scandalous relationship and engagement with Peter Townsend, which Elizabeth ultimately could not allow.

With the Queen herself, we’ll see how she handles discord and unrest within her country – a task that will surely be more challenging with the death of Winston Churchill, former prime minister and trusted mentor to the Queen, whose funeral is seen in many different cuts of the trailer.

Are you excited for Season 3? What/who are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments!

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