The Best Tweets of the Week

The Best Tweets of the Week

Iamquiteadorable @adorableinNE…Just shut up and bring me ice cream.

Seth @KingzNA…How is the computer gonna ask me if I am a robot? Hey, you’re a robot!

Ashley Hamilton @AshleyHammm…My boyfriend thinks I spend too much time on social media, so instead I’ve convinced him my nighttime skincare routine is 45 minutes and I just sit in the bathroom and read tweets.
Mela. @mela_shea…2019: live, laugh, love. 2020: lather, rinse, repeat.

Kent Graham @KentWGraham…For a brief moment, I got excited because I thought my toothpaste said anti-plague instead of anti-plaque.

Randi Mayem Singer @rmayemsinger…Had too much wine last night. Have no idea how I got home from the sofa.


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