Katie McLean

Weekdays 7pm - 11pm

I’ve been working in this biz (and by that, I mean radio) for almost 30 years in a lot of different ways.  I started out at a small station as a kind of radio flunkie, then went to Rochester, NY and worked as a part-timer, flew in a plane and reported on traffic for 15 years, and wrote and voiced a lot of radio and tv commercials. 

I enjoy singing loudly in my car (which REALLY makes it awkward at stoplights), riding horses, reading, painting and comedy. Things to keep AWAY from me? Lint in bellybuttons, wedgies, and rutabagas.

I’m so happy to be here in Happy Valley and can’t wait to talk to you each weeknight from 7-11…AND GOOD NEWS!!! My therapist says I don’t even have to wear the straight jacket anymore!  Yay!