RIP Mr. Peanut

RIP Mr. Peanut

RIP Mr. Peanut

Ahead of the Big Game on February 2nd, Planter’s Peanut’s shared the tragic news of the explosive death of longtime mascot, Mr. Peanut. The gentleman with the top hat was the mascot for the peanut company for 104 years. His funeral will be featured as a commercial for the Big Game.

While driving his NUTmobile on a road trip with Wesley Snipes and Mike McLintock from “Veep”, Mr. Peanut swerved to avoid an armadillo on the road, sending the vehicle flying over a cliff with Snipes, McLintock and himself hanging onto a branch for dear life. Upon realizing that the branch could only carry two without breaking, Mr. Peanut tipped his hat to his companions with steely determination in his black eyes, and made the ultimate sacrifice by releasing himself to a fiery end at the bottom of the canyon.

All we can say is, we can only hope to go out as epically and as Mr. Peanut. Thank you for your sacrifice, good sir.

Check out the video released by his estate below!


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