Pennsylvania Ranked 8th Most Fun State

Pennsylvania Ranked 8th Most Fun State

Pennsylvania Ranked 8th Most Fun State

Ready for some fun?! Well according to a new study from Wallethub, Pennsylvania may not be your best option, but we’re still fun! They just conducted a study to find out exactly which states are the most ‘fun’ and the rankings are in.

Pennsylvania came in at number 8.

Ok, fine! So we’re not the most fun state. That we knew. But we are in the top 10! We were beat out by the obvious suspects: The top three in descending order were California, Florida, and New York.

There were a lot of things considered in determining what exactly makes a state “fun”. The study looked at two main categories: ‘Entertainment and Recreation’ rank, and ‘Nightlife’ rank, which individually, PA came in 9th and 7th. And honestly, those aren’t such bad numbers considering there are 50 states. There were also 26 smaller subcategories thrown in the equation, such as  ‘Most restaurants per capita,’ ‘Best access to national parks’, and ‘Highest variety of arts, entertainment, and recreation establishments’. But Pennsylvania didn’t really make a huge bang in those. But even with that being said, we still came in at number 8, which means that there is a lot of fun to be had here in the keystone state. Which is a LOT more than you can say about West Virginia. They came in last. (hehe)





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