Netflix To Pull ‘The Office’ in 2021

Netflix To Pull ‘The Office’ in 2021

Netflix To Pull ‘The Office’ in 2021

Say it ain’t so!

Pretty much since the dawn of Netflix, NBC’s The Office has been a favorite cult classic show to binge-watch until 3 a.m.  When you couldn’t find anything to watch, it was always there. You could depend on it. Well those days are coming to an end.

Netflix has just announced that starting in 2021, NBC will be pulling The Office from the streaming service.

This is still well over a year until one of the greatest shows ever to grace our televisions and tablets leaves Netflix. So there’s still a lot of time left to rewatch the entire series for the 17th time. And hey, when it does leave, we’ll then be able to watch it through NBC’s streaming service. It’s not goodbye!

But right now, this seems to be the only appropriate reaction:

And a lot of Twitter seems to feel the same way:


And there’s a reason everyone’s upset about this. The Office was a great show. During its 9 season run, it earned 46 awards and 186 nominations. Since its start backing 2005, it’s transcended into an immortal touchstone reference in our modern culture. It’s basically a subculture in and of itself. And even now, six years after its end in 2013, it still keeps us in stitches with its time-tested hilarity.  So even when it’s finally pulled from Netflix, The Office will live on forever.





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