8 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2020

8 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2020

8 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2020

Father’s Day is June 21st! There’s still time to get your Rad Dad (or husband) the perfect gift. But if you’re stumped on what you should get him, no worries! Here are some of the trending Father’s Day gifts that are the most popular for 2020


  1. A Master Class.

    For the dad who’s always trying to learn or improve on a skill – be it photography, cooking, grilling, editing etc., hook him up with one of these Master Classes! And maybe order some lessons for yourself too, because let’s face it: even you were tempted to get one when these commercials were airing during quarantine! Click HERE to gift knowledge!

2. A State-of-the-Art Hammock

For the dad who loves nature and needs some much-needed alone time outdoors. This one on Amazon is top rated for only $30-$40! Click HERE

3. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

For the dad who’s very particular about the thermostat (aka, every dad ever.) This modernized thermostat adapts to your life, learning the temperatures you prefer as the seasons and days/night change. Go in with your siblings on this one. At $249, this luxurious piece of technology will be sure to satisfy your dad’s temp needs. And probably bring him breakfast too.

4. An Airfryer

Honestly, if you or your dad doesn’t have one of these yet, what are you doing? I got one for Christmas and it is life changing. Regardless of whether your dad is master chef or not, a good air fryer is definitely a must-have. This is one of the best ones on the market, and it’s on sale right now at BestBuy for $119.99 Click HERE.

5. Frozen Pint Glasses

For the dad who loves a long-lasting cold beer. These sleek glasses will keep beverages cold longer. Pop em in the freezer for two hours, and your pops can use them indoors or outdoors. They’re well-rated. They look cool. Your dad will look cool using them. They’re priced well at $40. Boom. Click here.

6. A Weighted Blanket

For the dad who has trouble sleeping. Time to get him on the weighted blanket bandwagon. Weighted blankets are proven to promote better REM sleep and reduce anxiety. You can get one from a bunch of places, but this is one the top rated ones on Amazon. Prices vary depending on size. Click HERE

7. An Indoor Grill

For the dad who wants to grill all year round or make himself an epic papa panini, this nifty George Forman grill is under $20!

8. A Wireless Charger

For the dad who hates fiddling with charging cables. With a wireless charger, your dad can set it and forget. It’ll look great on his bedside table. All he has to do is place his phone on the pad and it’ll charge. And since this one props the phone up, he won’t have to sit up to see who’s calling or texting him. This one is compatible with most smartphones, and is under $30! Click HERE



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