7 Things NOT to Talk About During Thanksgiving Dinner

7 Things NOT to Talk About During Thanksgiving Dinner

7 Things NOT to Talk About During Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is already next week! But before you get together with your family to bust your gut with delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese, make sure your Thanksgiving dinner isn’t ruined with a conversation topic that ends up being the catalyst for tense moments or an all-out family brawl by avoiding these topics. And if a fight ends up happening anyway, at least it won’t be your fault.

1. Politics

This should go without saying for every year, but given the current political climate we find ourselves in – don’t even touch it, unless you’re POSITIVE that everyone is on the same page.

Actually – no. Still don’t even touch it.

2. That Money Your Brother Still Owes You

Some people make it a point not to even lend money to close relatives and friends at all. But if that’s not the case with you, and you did end up lending your brother $500 to help with his app start-up that was supposed to sky-rocket a year ago, a Thanksgiving dinner is NOT the time to ask for your money back. An issue of money is sure to start an argument that no one wants to listen to

3. Your Kids’ EVERY Accomplishment

Of course your family will want to know that your kids got straight A’s this marking period or that they scored the winning point in last week’s soccer game, but don’t get obnoxious with it. Does everyone really need to know all the prestigious schools your son is applying to, or how amazing your daughter was in the lead of the school play?

4. How School is Going For Your Nieces/Nephews

The one thing your younger family members do not want you to ask: “How’s School?” Nothing says “I don’t know what else to talk to you about” more than this question. Plus, they don’t want to talk about school any more than you want to talk about work.

5. Your Sister’s Recent Breakup

Breakups are tough. If anyone in your family just got out of a relationship, it’s probably best not to probe unless they offer you information freely. Which also might not be an ideal situation if it ends up being the only thing they want to talk about. Also your mom might get mad at you for making your sister dwell on that no-good, free-loading, face-tattooed boyfriend she never approved of.

6. Unprompted Parenting Advice

Be careful with this one, grandmothers! Your family members may take this politely to your face, but unless they specifically ask for advice, there’s a good chance they’ll secretly resent you for it. It’s not cool to be that ‘know-it-all’, ‘I told you so’ family member. However, if your kid is out of control and throwing cranberry sauce across the table, maybe a touch of parenting advice is needed.

7. How You’d Change the Recipe

Well that’s just rude. Yeah, maybe your aunt’s mac and cheese is on the dry side, but that doesn’t mean you have to embarrass/insult her by telling her what you would do to change it. Instead, try a more gentle approach like offering to help her cook next Thanksgiving. Then you can pour in some more milk into the roux while she’s not looking.


With these tips, you’ve got a better chance of surviving another Thanksgiving. Life’s too short to be getting into petty tiffs with your family members. Though those dramatic Thanksgiving feuds may make for funny stories down the line, still! Keep it cool and give thanks.

Also here’s one of my favorite SNL skits about this very topic. Enjoy!




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