Photo by Akin Cakiner on Unsplash

In some countries, Friday the 13th is known as Black Friday. The unlucky day for Hispanic and Greek culture is Tuesday, the 13th. A day of bad luck for the Italian culture is Friday the 17th.

I’m not one to tempt the fates, so I’m not sure how to handle today, Friday the 13th. I can say I will not walk under a ladder; I will not look for the 13th floor. I will not go to gate 13 to catch my flight or sit in row 13. No, I’m not going to search for a 13th street or 13th Avenue, and I will not be the fourteenth guest to keep a dinner party from an unlucky fate.

Superstitions are not silly for some. Here are 13 things you should NOT do on Friday the 13th, for if you do, you’ll be tempting fate.

  • Don’t Walk Under A Ladder
  • Do Not Serve 13 People For Dinner
  • Cover Up When Yawning To Keep The Devil Out
  • Don’t Date (It Will Be Doomed)
  • Don’t Open An Umbrella Indoors
  • Do Not Leave Mirrors Uncovered
  • Do Not Cross You’re Knife And Fork
  • Don’t Spill The Salt
  • Don’t Put New Shoes On The Table
  • Women – Don’t Get On A Ship Or Boat Because You’ll Endanger The Crew
  • Don’t Walk On A Crack
  • Do Not Cut Your Hair Or Nails
  • Get Out Of Bed On The Same Side You Got Into Bed

2022 only has one Friday, the 13th, and it’s 5/15/22. So if we make it through today, we’re good for the year!