Photo by Poppie Pack on Unsplash

A mixup at a flower show has put St. Anselm Catholic Grade School in Philadelphia on the map. Their “mistake” has gone viral. LOL!

Saint Anselm’s K-8 Elementary Catholic School,12650 Dunks Ferry Road Philadelphia, PA held a flower sale for Mother’s Day. Imagine the surprise when the grade school realized the faux single packaged roses they purchased were paired with sexy lingerie.

CBS3 reports the principal for Saint Anselm’s sent out a follow-up email to parents saying:

The roses sold at our Mother’s Day plant sale were not the single faux flowers originally intended. Instead, the item was a Valentine’s Day gift intended for adults. The administration will determine how the error occurred and take steps to prevent a further recurrence.

Meanwhile, some mom’s where thinking, “finally, something I can use for Mother’s Day.”