Cindy 3WZ

Have you tried the Profile Pic App that turns your photo into a painting? Some are wary that the app is a scam and can steal your identity and money.

Rumors are swirling on Twitter about the viral app possibly being a Russian scam.

I went to Snopes to see if the rumors were true, but there was no information yet. Ellissa Bain of HITC did some leg work and found out the website domain appears to be registered in Moscow. They also say the free app with more than 1 million downloads showed no evidence of being a scam.

The Daily Mail takes it a step further. It reports the company behind the App, Linerock Investments Ltd, is not only registered in Moscow but has a director based in Russia.

As with most apps we download, we agree to share our location, details about our device, and other photographs on our social media feed. With all this in mind, will you download the app? Let us know in the comments below. We must say, looking like an avatar is FUN!