Would you travel to Scranton to see a mural of The Office crew? Heck YES! Let’s try to make this a reality.

The mockumentary sitcom The Office depicts the everyday work lives of office employees in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The address in the show is at the Scranton Business Park, 1725 Slough Avenue in Scranton, PA. The crowdfunding campaign Indiegogo is being used to raise money for the soon-to-be colossal tourist attraction.

Scranton Tomorrow is behind the project titled “The Story of Us: The Office’s Relationship with Scranton,” They spearhead numerous projects and initiatives in the Downtown Scranton Business District, including the Mural Arts program, which has transformed countless bare walls and building facades into open air galleries featuring large-scale murals that express Scranton’s history, culture, diversity, and creativity.

…your help (is needed) to make this massive mural become real! Only through your love of The Office, love of art, and love for The Electric City will this monumental mural get underway. Through your support, you will join us in paying homage to The Office’s enduring popularity and its Dundie award-winning hometown of Scranton. Let’s create a legacy for all to enjoy.

The Story of Us will be hand painted by Philadelphia based fine-arts muralist Kala Hagopian, founder of Hagopian Arts, an independent female-owned and operated public art initiative…Scranton Tomorrow is thrilled to have her expertise in capturing photo-realistic images that are interspersed with bright patterns creating stunning masterpieces…This one-of-a-kind art piece will capture the relationship between The Best Hometown of The Office and its beloved characters. The design features large-scale black and white portraits of the seventeen characters, contrasted with a colorful geometric pattern background, imagery, and quotes that represent significant objects and moments throughout the show’s nine seasons. Standing at 30 feet high and 120 feet long, it will be huge! [Indiegogo]

List of Characters in the proposed Mural:

Michael Scott · Dwight Schrute · Jim Halpert · Pam Beesly · Andy Bernard · Angela Martin · Kevin Malone · Oscar Martinez · Stanley Hudson · Phyllis Lapin-Vance · Meredith Palmer · Ryan Howard · Kelly Kapoor · Darryl Philbin · Erin Hanon · Creed Bratton · Toby Flenderson

This heartfelt and joyous homage is destined to become a must-see landmark and photo-op for true fans and an interactive starting place from which Scranton itself can be explored, pointing visitors to real-life locations featured in the show. Join us and become a part of this legacy! [Indiegogo]

Donate HERE. If you would like to make a larger, private donation, please get in touch with Leslie Collins at Scranton Tomorrow at (570) 963-5901.

How cool would it be to say you helped make The Office Mural in Scranton possible!

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