Homer Simpson has suffered a lot of abuse over the past 33 seasons of “The Simpsons”…most of it self-inflicted, of course.  If he was a real guy, he’d have spent a lot of time in the hospital, and shelled out a ton on medical bills.

How much?  Well, the DTLA Law Group in California estimates he should owe $143 MILLION by now.

They looked at 50 “well-documented accidents” over the years, including, quote, “multiple broken bones, head injuries, animal attacks, and food poisoning.”  Then they extrapolated that to cover 706 episodes in order to get the final number.

Here are the Top 5 most expensive injuries Homer suffered, and what they would cost. Poor Homer!

1.  Brain damage:  $1,525,500

2.  Paralysis:  $508,904

3.  Radiation exposure:  $150,000

4.  Skull Fracture:  $100,000

5.  Loss of Consciousness:  $80,000