If swigging regular whiskey wasn’t MANLY enough for you, now there’s this . . .

A distillery in New Hampshire, TamworthDistilling, is releasing a new whiskey later this month that tastes like DEER.  Basically, they added venison as they were aging the whiskey to give it a, quote, “savory complement.” They’re also releasing a brandy in December that’s flavored with the CORPSE FLOWER which is one of the worst smelling flowers in the world.  They say it adds, quote, “death and decay to the floral notes of the brandy.”  Just what you wanted right?

But if you can’t wait for deer whiskey out next week or corpse flower brandy next month, they already have one other questionable product for sale:  A whiskey flavored with castoreum, which are secretions from a beaver.  Yup…you read that correctly.

Seems like the perfect holiday gift for that person in your life who loves interesting alcohol and you also secretly kinda sorta hate.