Scrabble Family

Scrabble Family

Scrabble Family

Know someone that’s hard to buy a gift for? I have so many people like that in my life. But, the one thing these people have in common, is that they are extremely proud of their families. That makes this a really good gift for those individuals.

The hardest part is finding out how the names will intertwine – although, I suppose you could make duplicate letters leave the layout up to the recipient, right?!

It’s pretty easy. This example calls for vinyl letters, but if you’re a crafty person you could hand paint the letters on the wood squares.


  • A 2″ x 2″ or 4″ x 4″
  • Vinyl lettering (could use paper, or paint if not available!)
  • Modpodge (satin finish if you can get it) or Polycrylic finish
  • Mitering Saw

First, you’ll need to decide the layout of the names. Then you can figure up how many squares you’ll need. Cut your pieces to a 4″x4″ size. Sand down the edges to make them less rough. Seal the wood with Modpodge (especially if using vinyl). Cut the letters and apply the vinyl, or paint the letters on the block.

(Photo and Instructions found on Remodelholic)


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