Roseanne returns tonight

Roseanne returns tonight

Roseanne returns tonight

Roseanne returns to ABC tonight, and the show’s cast is just as excited as the show’s fans for the long-hoped-for reboot.

The gang’s all back — including both Beckys: Lecy Goranson and her successor in the role, Sarah Chalke.

The cast is thanking co-star-turned producer Sara Gilbert for the show’s return. It was a Roseanne reunion sketch with Goodman on Gilbert’s CBS show The Talk that got the ball rolling.

“I had no idea how she took so much on her shoulders,” onscreen dad John Goodman tells ABC Radio. “And she’s doing such a great job.”

“Yep, she sure is,” Roseanne herself agreed.

“The time from the first germ of the idea and the time we had a deal with ABC was three weeks,” Goodman enthused.

“It was surreal,” Roseanne said with a laugh.

So where is the Conner family now? Not too much has changed — which is part of the original show’s appeal.

Gilbert says of the show’s return, “I think the time was right because there’s not enough working-class families are television. I think people in Hollywood tend to get in their bubble of privilege, and write shows that cater to that…Politically, I think the family is divided, but it’s not a really a show about political … policy…We tell stories through the lens of a family

The 10th season of Roseanne kicks off tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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