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Interview with Maureen Jones About Continuing Education for Nurses

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Medical Minute: 1:39

Dave Kurten:  3WZ’s Medical Minute is brought to you by Mt. Nittany Medical Center;
“Mt. Nittany – life forward.”  Today we’re with Maureen Jones, practicing advancement specialist at Mt. Nittany Medical Center.  Thanks for spending some time with us today.

Maureen Jones:  Good morning, thanks for having me.

Dave Kurten:  The medical center has a continuing nurse’s education coming up; tell us why it’s imperative that nurses have continuing education.

Maureen Jones:  Well, certainly with health care changing all the time it’s so very important to make sure that the nurses are kept up to date on all the latest technology and, frankly, the research that’s out there.

Dave Kurten:  How do these types of programs benefit patients?

Maureen Jones:  Well I think for our nurses specifically, and for our surrounding community, it is important that our patients receive the best care we can give.  And providing programs for nurses, right here at home, easy to get to, allows them to stay up to date all the time and provide the best care we can provide for them.

Dave Kurten:  What other types of continuing education programs does Mt. Nittany provide?

Maureen Jones:  Mt. Nittany provides a wide array; our education department provides webinars, online education as well as live, for our physicians we have CME – continuing medical education for them as well, so at any given time every month there’s something available for nurses, physicians, and other health care providers.

Dave Kurten:  And where can physicians and nurses interested in continuing education get more information?

Maureen Jones:  You can go to mountnittany.org, pretty easy, look for upcoming events; you can search our site for things specific to you.  Education is always listed there, things coming up in the near future, as well as far into the future.

Dave Kurten:  Maureen Jones, practicing advance specialist at Mt. Nittany Medical Center has been our guest on this Medical Minute, thanks for joining us.

Maureen Jones:  Thank you.

Dave Kurten:  3WZ Medical Minute is brought to you by Mt. Nittany Medical Center – “Mt. Nittany Life Forward.”


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