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Interview with Emily Peterson, M.D. About Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Week

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Medical Minute: 1:39

Dave Kurten:  3WZ’s Medical Minute is brought to you by Mt. Nittany Medical Center;
“Mt. Nittany – life forward.”  Our subject this week is Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and our guest is Emily Peterson MD Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon from Mt. Nittany Medical Center.  Thanks for joining us!

Emily Peterson:  Thank you.

Dave Kurten:  Dr. Peterson, tell us about reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and exactly what it is.

Emily Peterson:  Well Mt. Nittany reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is a new plastic surgery practice here in State College.  As a plastic surgeon, I perform procedures that restore form and function to patients who have suffered traumatic injuries, such as facial fractures, or have had certain cancer surgeries, such as a mastectomy.  I also perform cosmetic procedures to enhance a patient’s image.

Dave Kurten:  And why is this an important service for our community?

Emily Peterson:  Well some of the services I provide have been available in our community before but in many cases patients have been required to travel in order to receive certain services.  My hope is to provide comprehensive plastic surgery services right here in Center County.  Patients will be able to enjoy the support of friends and family, and not have the added stress of travel.

Dave Kurten:  What types of procedures are available through services at Mt. Nittany?

Emily Peterson:  Many services are available including: breast and skin cancer reconstruction, botox and fillers, breast reduction, and cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, face lifts, and eyelid surgery.  We also sell medical skin care and makeup products.

Dave Kurten:  And how can our listeners get more information or schedule an appointment?

Emily Peterson:  For more information please call our office at 814-231-2096 or e-mail us at cosmetic@mtnittany.org

Dave Kurten:  Our guest has been Emily Peterson MD Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Mt. Nittany Medical Center.  Emily thanks for joining us today.  3WZ Medical Minute is brought to you by Mt. Nittany Medical Center – “Mt. Nittany Life Forward.”


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