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Interview with Dr. John O'Shea and Peggy Treaster on Infertility

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Steve Williams: We’re with Dr. John O’Shea, and we’re also with Peggy Treaster, infertility nurse educator for Mount Nittany. Let’s start with you, Dr. O’Shea. Dr. O’Shea, there are many couples trying to start or grow a family that are having trouble conceiving. Can you explain infertility?

Dr. John O’Shea: Infertility is defined as one year of really trying to get pregnant without achieving pregnancy. If the person, or the couple, is over 35, then it is 6 months. If they’re over age 40, it’s automatically assumed that they’re infertile.

Steve Williams: What types of infertility services does Mount Nittany Physician Group’s obstetrics and gynecology department offer its patients to help them get pregnant?

Dr. John O’Shea: Well, all of our doctors do basic infertility evaluations. My part of the treatment includes anything from simple ovulation induction to more aggressive treatments with intrauterine inseminations. We give the injectable medicines with intrauterine inseminations. We do monitoring for advanced reproductive technologies for IVF centers from several states.

Steve Williams: Peggy Treaster, infertility nurse educator. Peggy, are there any other options for a patient who would like a child?

Peggy Treaster: Yes. What we do is offer counseling for patients who may need a gestational carrier. We work with same-sex couples in helping them build a family also. We also offer sperm donation. We refer them to cryobanks where they can select a specimen.

Steve Williams: And where can community members get more information on the infertility services available at Mount Nittany?

Peggy Treaster: They can give us a call at 814.237.3470, and they can ask to speak with me. I’m there four days a week. And, hopefully, I can answer their questions and give them the appropriate referrals.

Steve Williams: And once again, that number, please?

Peggy Treaster: 814.237.3470

Steve Williams: Dr. John O’Shea and Peggy Treaster, infertility nurse educator. Thank you both for joining us today.


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