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Interview with Joeleen Stocker, registered diatition and supervisor of guest services at Mount Nittany Medical Center

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Medical Minute; 2:08

"Announcer: The 3WZ medical minute is brought to you by Mount Nittany Medical Center – Mount Nittany Life Forward. Our topic this week is eating healthy in the new year. Our guest, Joeleen Stocker, registered dietitian and supervisor of guest services at Mount Nittany Medical Center. Joeleen, it’s a new year and many community members are searching for ways to eat healthier. How can you ensure that you’re starting off 2011 by eating healthy?

Joeleen Stocker: Well, first of all, to be interested in making healthier food changes, some things that you might be able to do are to eat smaller portions, make sure you get adequate servings of fruit and vegetables every day, stay hydrated, and a big part of being healthy and not just eating healthy is to make sure you being physically active as well.

Announcer: People usually think healthy foods don’t taste good. What foods do you recommend that have healthy benefits that taste good too?

Joeleen Stocker: When it comes to how foods taste, everyone’s taste is a little bit different so it’s hard to give you recommendations that would taste good for everyone. I always like to challenge people to try new foods. People generally eat the same 10 to 15 foods every week, so if you try a new recipe once a week, that will help you broaden your food horizon.

Announcer: What are some healthier ingredients to substitute in everyday recipe?

Joeleen Stocker: In everyday recipes, there are three key things that I’d focus on. Salt –
Instead of adding salt to foods, try seasonings like pepper, onion, garlic or a seasoning blend. In place of adding sugar, try a sugar substitutes like Splenda, Equal, Sweet’N Low, and instead of some oil or shortening in some baked goods, you can substitute applesauce.

Announcer: What daily nutrients should people have in order to eat healthier?

Joeleen Stocker: The main nutrient would be water. Generally, people don’t drink enough water, so that would be the first one. Obviously, we all need fiber so that would be in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, calcium from dairy products. Antioxidants are also in fruits and vegetables. And the focus now is vitamin D, as well, from sunlight or from fortified dairy products.

Announcer: Where can community members get more information about healthy eating and possible recipe tips?

Joeleen Stocker: Mypyramid.gov is a great website that you can plug in foods that you ate, and it will give you a nutrient analysis report. Other websites that you could go to would be eatright.org, which is The American Dietetic Association website.

Announcer: Joeleen Stocker, registered dietitian from Mount Nittany Medical Center, has been our guest on this edition of the Medical Minute. Thank you for your time! The 3WZ Medical Minute is brought to you by Mount Nittany Medical Center – Mount Nittany Life Forward."  


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