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Interview with Melissa Aungst, Foundation Director at Mt. Nittany Medical Center

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Medical Minute; 1:46

Steve Williams: We are with Melissa Aungst today, the foundation coordinator at Mount Nittany, uh, Medical Center. Uh, first of all, Melissa, thanks for joining us.

Melissa Aungst: Thanks for having me, Steve.

Steve Williams: Melissa, tell us about the Golf Classic.

Melissa Aungst: In our 20th year, the golf class is the medical center’s signature event, and is scheduled for Penn State Golf Courses. We have an 11:00 shotgun start. This event has raised over $1.4 million since its inception for programs and services at the medical center, and we, last year, raised $108,000 net.

Steve Williams: Oh, that’s great. What will this year’s golf class support?

Melissa Aungst: This year will support a cancer, the cancer center at Mount Nittany Medical Center. In 2007, the golf committee pledged a five year $500,000 pledge through our Commitment to Distinction campaign, so, plans are underway for that cancer center, and we look forward to sharing information about the cancer center soon with the community.

Steve Williams: Uh, well, speaking of the community, how can they become involved with this?

Melissa Aungst: There’s many ways to get involved. Um, sponsorships are always the easiest and best way to support the hospital through this event. There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available, and with each sponsorship opportunity each registered golfer has the chance to win a Chevy Cobalt, a Colorado truck, or $10,000 cash, and that’s the winner’s choice.

Steve Williams: Wow.

Melissa Aungst: Uh, we also have individual golfers, and our number 1 resource for the day, of course, is our volunteers.

Steve Williams: Where can folks go to learn more about the golf, and, uh, the cancer treatment center?

Melissa Aungst: Sure, they can log onto MountNittany.org or they can give us a call at the office at (814)234-6777.

Steve Williams: And, give us the date one more time for the classes.

Melissa Aungst: Sure, it’s Saturday, August 21st at Penn State Golf Courses.

Steve Williams: Alright, so get signed up, and let’s go hit some. Melissa, thanks very much.

Melissa Aungst: Thanks, Steve.

The 3WZ Medical Minute is brought to you by Mt. Nittany Medical Center – “Mt. Nittany Life Forward”.   


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