Goatgram has arrived

Goatgram has arrived

Goatgram has arrived

You’ve heard of Goat Yoga, but are you ready for Goatgram?

Goatgram is a bold new way to send flowers.

People in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Canada metro areas can now send flowers and have them delivered by a pair of goats.

Goatgram and was created by goat owner Brett Wilson, of Washougal, Oregon, one of the owners of Shrink Ray Farms, which the website describes as “a tiny farm populated by tiny animals and run by two rather short humans.”

Bouquets are grown and arranged on the small farm and are 100% organic and totally edible; then they’re delivered by a pair of goats. When you receive your flowers, you can choose to keep them or feed them to the goats, who will eat the bouquet right in front of you.

A Goatgram delivery costs $100. But be sure to book early: Goatgrams are only available twice a day, the website states, “to allow time for our goats to just be goats.”


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