The Ugliest Closet Contest of 2017!



3wz_Ugliest_Closet_Contest-03It’s cluttered, nasty and nothing fits in it. Every time you open your closet door, stuff falls out. You pull one jacket and four more come along for the ride. You need a better space to store your coats or clothes or kids toys. 3WZ and Shunk’s Kitchens to the Rescue!


Just take a picture of your excuse for a closet, the uglier, more cluttered the better!  Post it on Shunk’s Kitchens Facebook page and tell them why you need a new storage space for…well…whatever!  Don’t forget to “LIKE” the Shunk’s Kitchens Facebook page.  One helpful tip…check your privacy settings on your Facebook page.  It’s very important that Shunk’s can see that you “LIKED” their page.   Then share the post and tell all of your friends to like your post on the Shunk’s page because the picture with the highest like count WINS!  What do you win?  A new closet makeover by the experts at Shunk’s Kitchens.

To enter your ugly closet picture, CLICK HERE! 

For the complete Rules & Regs including the specifics of the prize CLICK HERE.  It is strongly suggested that you read all of the Rules & Regs as restrictions do apply.