Can't Stop Dad graphic (1)

Click below and follow the link to the 3WZ Facebook page so you can “LIKE, POST and SHARE” and win great tools for Dad this Father’s Day.  Not just any tools, though.   Sears Craftsman tools including a 26g Vertical Compressor, Craftsman 254 Mechanics Tools Set, Craftsman Mitre Saw, 3 piece Craftsman 13 Drawer Tool Storage Combination, and a Craftsman Combp Drill Kit.  One great Craftsman tool each day will be up for grabs…over $1800.00 worth of gifts for five different lucky Dads!  Just like the 3WZ Facebook page, post something nice about Dad and share the post.  The word “STOP” will randomly appear each day in the thread.  The person who last posted will win the prize for that day.  Then it all begins again at 6am the next morning.  Post away!

CLICK HERE to enter the Can’t Stop Dad!! contest from 95.3 and Sears.  

Click Here for CAN’T STOP DAD Rules and Regs