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You’ll Spend 22 Years of Your Life Staring at Screens

Here’s a pretty incredible stat for 2019.  If you don’t count the time you’re asleep, the average American today spends almost HALF of their life staring at screens. A recent survey found we now spend 42% of our waking hours staring at a screen of some kind . . . or an average of 6 […]

It’s Official: There Will Be a 50th Anniversary Woodstock!

Woodstock is celebrating its 50th anniversary this summer, and as expected, there WILL be an anniversary ‘Woodstock 50‘ this August. Yesterday, Woodstock co-creator Michael Lang confirmed that a three-day anniversary festival is coming to Watkins Glen, New York on August 16th, 17th and 18th.  The original concert happened on the weekend of August 15th in 1969. […]

Ten Slang Terms You’ll Hear in 2019, and What They Mean

Someone put together a huge list of slang terms you might hear in 2019.  They’re not all new, but here are ten you might not know yet . . . 1.  “Tea.”  Either spelled T-E-A, or just the letter T.  It means “gossip.”  So if you “spill tea” about someone, you’re talking behind their back. […]

If Music Sometimes Gives You Goosebumps, It Means You’re a Good Person

Have you ever listened to music that was SO GOOD it gave you GOOSEBUMPS?  Me too.  And I’d like to say it was during a symphony, but it was back when Clay Aiken sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” on “American Idol”. Anyway, according to a new study out of Harvard, if music has ever given you goosebumps and made the […]

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