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Elton John turns 70 Saturday

He turns 70 Saturday, and he’s still standing: Sir Elton John says at this moment, he’s living his best life. “I’m interested in moving forward all the time, with what I create, my collaborations, and also with discovering the work of other people,” says the always-busy rock legend. “I think age is immaterial, provided we […]

On Ebay, fan selling bag of air from Adele’s Australian tour

If you weren’t able to attend Adele’s record-breaking run of concerts in Australia, you can still experience a small part of it, thanks to one extremely enterprising fan. The fan is auctioning of a bag of air — yes, air — supposedly captured at Adele’s March 13 show in Adelaide, Australia. “Grab a piece of […]

The Gong Show

Who remembers The Gong Show with Chuck Barris.  This crazy amateur show aired for 3 years from 1976-78.  It was clear that NBC really was not sure what to do with the show and buried it during the afternoon hours.  The show is best remembered for its worthless prizes awarded to contestants, the celebrity judges […]