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Virtual Lollapalooza Festival! See List of Performances & Speakers!

Like so many other staple events this year, Lollapalooza is going virtual! This year you’ll be able to join in the musical festivities at home for free. Big crowds, sweaty bodies, and porta-potties are so 2019 anyway, right? Ha.ha.hahh….. The four-day event, happening July 30 – August 2, will be streaming online for free on the official Lollapalooza […]

Best Tweets of the Week 7.17.20

Conan O’Brien @ConanOBrien…Turns out the people who predicted the world ending in 2012 were optimists. Annie the Nanny @AnnietheNanny1…The only way I know how to flirt with someone is to send them pictures of organized closets. Lovely Potatoes @robin_991…Sex is fun and all, but have you ever licked the double fudge brownie batter spoon? Jennifer […]

Best Tweets of the Week 7.10.20

Rachel McCartney @RachelMComedy…Just because something’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s cruelty-free. For example, my ex-girlfriend. Simon Holland @simoncholland…Has anyone tried lighting a fall scented candle to fix 2020 yet? Mary Beth @marybethbarone…Being bad at using an Apple TV remote is a personality. Blair Witch @JabbaTheMomm…I’m already ready for a nap tomorrow. Dad Jokes @Dadsaysjokes…My friend in […]

Kennedy Goes Vegan~ oof!!

Okay, so I haven’t been the best with my diet or health since all of the restrictions from the pandemic have been lifted… okay, I’ve actually been the complete opposite, it’s been bad. I’ve been eating everything in site and I haven’t done anything for my health in over a month. I’ve been blaming it […]