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A “Like”-less Instagram Could Improve Mental Health

In this new age dominated by social media over the past decade, it’s no secret that there can be a lot of pressure linked to how many ‘likes’ your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will get. Nowadays it seems like our core source of validation comes from how many double-taps you’ll get on that picture […]

7 Graduation Gifts Your Grad Will Actually Use

Graduation season is upon us! If you’re still unsure of what gift to give your grad this season, worry not. Whether they’re graduating high school or college, here’s a list of some gifts that they’ll actually get great use out of! A good suitcase. Time to ditch that 20 year old suitcase that was good for […]

Disney Releases Movie Schedule Through 2027

  Everybody strap in, because Disney’s about to take us for an EPIC ride. 90’s babies rejoice! Because we already have SO much to look forward to this year alone, with the highly anticipated live-action remakes of The Lion King, Aladdin, and Dumbo. Not to mention we’re also getting a FOURTH Toy Story AND Frozen 2. […]

Take Back Your Lost Hour of Sleep! Today Is National Napping Day!

Daylight Saving Time started yesterday, so we lost an hour of sleep.  But if you want to STEAL IT BACK, today is National Napping Day.  So there’s your excuse when your boss catches you sleeping at your desk. But if you AREN’T feeling a little more tired than usual today, this might be why . . […]