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Eggnog French Toast

Eggnog seems like one of those things that you either love or hate. I, for one, love it! It’s always been a tradition in my house that when we setup the Christmas tree, we play Christmas music and drink our favorite Eggnog. I never thought of incorporating eggnog into other recipes, though.

Peppermint Reindeer Bark

When a sweet treat is as fun to make as it is to eat… you’re onto a winner. We found this delicious and simple recipe that is so much fun to make with the kids. You’re literally melting chocolate, spreading it out, and creating fun reindeer faces. Make sure the kids wash their little hands first because this recipe calls for lots of finger licking.

Jingle Bell Toss

You have a house full of friends and family, the snacks and drinks are depleting faster than anticipated, the crowd grows restless… what do you do???
Whip out the games!!!
Here’s a fun game that you can make yourself out of things you may already have lying around. Plastic cups act as the baskets. Bells act as the balls. You could improvise of course. Why not use Hershey’s Kisses as the ball and make that the prize for the winner.

Snowman Soup

Looking for a great gift for the classroom, friends or co-workers? All you need are some Styrofoam cups, a few craft supplies, marshmallows and some hot cocoa mix. Use the crafts to make a snowman face on the cup and then fill it with marshmallows and hot cocoa for a festive cup full of snowman soup.

Cocoa for a Snowy Night

One of my favorite things to drink around the holidays is hot cocoa. There’s something about the warmth of the mug and the creaminess of the chocolate that makes me feel really cozy all over. But, I can’t get just any cocoa. Sure, there are some instant versions that will do the trick, but I’m a “make-it-from-scratch” kind of girl. And it MUST be topped with marshmallows!