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The U.S. Military’s Method for Falling Asleep in Two Minutes

A book way back in 1981 revealed a secret method the U.S. military supposedly came up with that can put you to sleep in TWO minutes.  Here are the five steps you need to follow. The first four are all about relaxing your body.  Then #5 gets oddly specific about what to picture in your mind . […]

The Complete VMA Winners List

Video of the Year:  “Havana”, Camila Cabello and Young Thug Artist of the Year:  Camila Cabello Song of the Year:  “Rockstar”, Post Malone and 21 Savage Best New Artist:  Cardi B Best Collaboration:  “Dinero”, Jennifer Lopez featuring DJ Khaled andCardi B Best Pop Video:  “No Tears Left to Cry”, Ariana Grande Best Rock Video:  “Whatever It Takes”, Imagine Dragons Best Hip-Hop Video:  “Chun-Li”, Nicki Minaj Best Dance Video:  “Lonely Together”, Avicii and Rita Ora Best Video with a Message:  “This Is […]

Check Out This 1950’s Guide to Proper Phone Etiquette

I know most kids don’t even use phones as phones anymore.  They’re too busy WhatsApping and watching YouTube.  But someone found an old guide to proper phone etiquette from the 1950s. And it has a bunch of tips on how to conduct yourself while talking on the phone . . . or “telephoning,” as they […]

The Most Expensive Autographed Baseball Just Sold for More Than $600,000

The record for the most expensive autographed, non-game used baseball has been SHATTERED, big time.  A ball with the signatures of 11 of the first Baseball Hall of Famers just went for $632,369. The previous record was held by a ball signed by Babe Ruth, which sold for $388,375 in 2014. The new record-holder has Babe’s […]

A Trick to Prevent Brain Freeze, Plus Three Ways to Get Rid of It

It’s ice-cream-eating season.  So someone talked to a guy at Ben & Jerry’s who works as a, quote, “Flavor Guru,” and asked him how to avoid BRAIN FREEZE.  And his best tip is really simple:  Just turn the spoon upside down. Brain freeze happens when something cold touches a bundle of nerves on the top […]