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Five Things That Aren’t Actually More Expensive Than 30 Years Ago

It seems like everything is more expensive than it used to be.  But that’s not always the case, especially when you adjust for inflation.  Here are five things that have actually gotten cheaper in the last 30 years, or stayed about the same . . . 1.  Computers.  A Macintosh PC in the ’80s cost […]

The Four Riskiest Places to Use Your Debit Card

 Debit card fraud jumped about 10% last year.  And having your debit info stolen is worse than a credit card, because they can access your ACTUAL money.  So there are situations where using a credit card or cash is better. Here are four of the riskiest places to use your debit card . . . […]

Morgan Freeman Tops a List of America’s Favorite Contemporary Actors

The polling site released a list of ‘America’s Most-Liked Contemporary Actors.’ It’s a simple poll.  They have hundreds of actors in their database, and they ask people whether they have a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE opinion of each.  They also logged if people had a NEUTRAL opinion, or had never heard of them. Then, they […]

It’s National Picnic Day! Here Are Our 10 Favorite Picnic Foods

Today is National Picnic Day and a new survey asked 1,000 Americans to name their favorite picnic foods.  Here are the top 10 . . . 1.  Sandwiches 2.  Fried chicken. 3.  Watermelon. 4.  Potato salad. 5.  Chips and dip. 6.  Deviled eggs. 7.  Pasta salad. 8.  Fruit salad. 9.  Pie. 10.  Baked beans. The survey […]