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A Trick to Prevent Brain Freeze, Plus Three Ways to Get Rid of It

It’s ice-cream-eating season.  So someone talked to a guy at Ben & Jerry’s who works as a, quote, “Flavor Guru,” and asked him how to avoid BRAIN FREEZE.  And his best tip is really simple:  Just turn the spoon upside down. Brain freeze happens when something cold touches a bundle of nerves on the top […]

The Top 10 Best Movie Moments of All Time somehow assembled a list of ‘The 100 Greatest Movie Moments’ . . . stretching from black-and-white classics to modern blockbusters.  It’s obviously a pretty subjective thing, and they didn’t really explain their process. So, let’s just get straight to the list . . . here’s the Top 10: 1.  The legendary ‘I Am Your […]

The 20 Artists Who Made the Most Money Last Year

 “Billboard” has put out their annual ‘Music Moneymakers’ list, which ranks the 50 artists who raked in the most money last year.  The estimates include stuff like music sales, streaming, ringtones, publishing royalties, and touring, which is where the big money comes from these days. They only count U.S. sales and touring, so anyone who spent […]

29 TV and Movie Characters People Used to Love But Now Kinda Hate

We all have those fictional characters we used to LOVE, but time, perspective . . . and in some cases even the #MeToo movement . . . have soured our affection for them. With that in mind, Buzzfeed came up with a list of 29 TV and Movie Characters People Used to Love But Now Kinda Hate.  Here […]